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This is the website of the study association L.A.D. 'F. Kaiser' of astronomy students in Leiden

Lampion Borrel – 11/11

Due to popular demand, we are organising an Astro Borrel 2.0! This time it will be in the Meridiaanlounge of the Old Observatory, starting from 20.00. And because it will be on November 11th, we are combining it with the St. Martin’s tradition of handcrafting colorful lanterns, that some of you might remember from your…
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Boardgame Night – 10/17

Enjoy a break from studying for an evening with fellow Kaiser-members and trade in courses, coding, and calculations for Codenames, Catan, or Cluedo! Sign up for our board game night at the Old Observatory on October 17th, starting at 19:00! Bring Your Own favourite Board Games, so that we have as large a variety of…
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Interest Borrel – 10/13

Next to spending time together at fun activities after uni, by being a member of Kaiser you also get to join one of our 3 committees: The Historical, Observing, or Spring Lecture Committee. Find out what the committees do and what exciting things you get to be involved in by coming to our committee interest…
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Observing Night – 09/28

Renowned physicists and astronomers such as Hertzsprung, Oort, and Einstein have already peeked through the telescopes at the Old Observatory to look up at the night sky. Would you like to follow in their footsteps and observe the stars above Leiden through the Observatory‚Äôs historic telescopes too? Here’s a short overview of what you can…
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Astro Borrel – 09/14

Put on your shiniest space-themed outfit and enjoy an evening all in the name of stars during our Astro Borrel in the Foobar!