Observing Committee & Guild

The Observing committee is responsible for organizing fun observing nights, where our members, or associates to the university (in open activities) will be able to look through the telescopes. This also means that the members of this committee have had a building training and multiple telescope trainings. Whenever the weather is not well enough to be able to observe, they will organize an alternative activity like a game night or a movie night. Hopefully this will not be the case too often (but we still live in the Netherlands).

To be able to have enough helping hands at these activities, we also have an Observing Guild. This guild is made for everyone that is interested to learn to work with the telescopes in the Old Observatory, and in exchange we ask them whether they are able to help at the activities organized by the Observing Committee, and sometimes also at public activities either organized by us or by the WLS. Everything is completely without obligation in the Observing Guild. 

If you’re interested in joining either of these, be sure to attend the Committee interest borrel at the beginning of the new board year (usually in September)!
You could also send an email to kaiser@strw.leidenuniv.nl.


From left to right:
Harshit Khandelwal (Assessor)
Serdar Baryraktar (Quaestor)
Eugenia Redondo (Ab Actis)
Simon Duijn (Praeses)