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This is the website of the study association L.A.D. 'F. Kaiser' of astronomy students in Leiden

Carmen’s Caiser Christmas Cookies

Are you looking forward to a cozy, uh, summer? Because the Xmas cookies activity was canceled, we have postponed it to the warmest season of the year. Come bake and decorate Christmas cookies on Monday the 24th of June at 19.00 in the Old Observatory in Leiden with fellow Kaiser members! Sign up now

Soccer Tournament 2024

Kick off the summer with a fun competition between friends, professors, and other students! Create your own team & get ready for two hours filled with matches! On Friday the 28th of June from 14:00-16:00, Kaiser will host its annual football tournament at USC! All Kaiser members, Observatory staff, PHD, Bachelor & Master students are…
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Scavenger hunt 17 June

Knock knock🚪 Who’s there❔ It’s time⏰ It’s time who❔ It’s time to put on your thinking caps🧢, bring out your magnifying glasses🔎 and put your detective skills🕵🏻 to the test in Kaiser’s Scavenger Hunt. Solve puzzling questions, decipher challenging clues and explore the Old Observatory, all whilst racing against the time in this fun event…
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GOTG movienight 3 4th of June

I am Groot! On Thursday the 4th of June, near the Fusie from 17:30, there will be the third and final GOTG movie night organized by kaiser. there will be pizzas for max 10 euros. exact location will follow.  Sign up now! Sign up now

Astropubquiz May 27th

Dear all, its time for a pubquiz! In collaboration with the Pubquiz committee of DLF, we bring you an astronomy themed pubquiz! Bring your team together and prepare yourself for a cosmic challenge! Are you ready to answer questions about stars, planets, black holes and more? Get in your spaceship and meet us on the…
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Observing night May 28th

Hello Kaiser Members! As the days grow longer, our final observing night of the season is approaching 🌠! Join us on May 28th at 20:30 for an exciting evening in the Old observatory in Leiden. Dr. Mathilde Bouvier will be presenting a talk on The Hidden Chemistry of Starburst Galaxies. Following her talk, we’ll attempt…
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SRON Excursion May 28th

Interested in sattelites & space research? Come and see how research instruments are built to survive the harsh conditions of space! On Tuesday May 28th from 11am – 12pm we will get a tour of the SRON facility at Nielsbohrweg 4. Be sure to take your ID. All Kaiser members are welcome, Sign up now!…
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