Month: November 2022

This is the website of the study association L.A.D. 'F. Kaiser' of astronomy students in Leiden

XMas Cookies – 12/02

Christmas is approaching fast and they say anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy so mark your calendars on December 2nd from 18.00 because we will bake christmas cookies together at the Foobar to kick off the festive season! This activity is open to all members of de Leidsche Flesch! Sign Up Now

Mentor Lunch – 11/26

We’ve all had to deal with the most dreaded question at family gatherings or in other, sometimes random, situations: ‘So and what are your plans after graduating…?’ If you’re still struggling with finding an answer, or if you know the answer already but can still do with some great life advice, come to our mentor…
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Lampion Borrel – 11/11

Due to popular demand, we are organising an Astro Borrel 2.0! This time it will be in the Meridiaanlounge of the Old Observatory, starting from 20.00. And because it will be on November 11th, we are combining it with the St. Martin’s tradition of handcrafting colorful lanterns, that some of you might remember from your…
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