Spring Lectures Committee

Each year our Spring Lectures Committee organises a series of four lectures at the Old Observatory. In these four lectures, we invite astronomers to present their research to the general public. Since the lectures were first organised in 2014 they have been very successful with tickets selling out every year. For more information and tickets for this year’s lectures visit their website Kaiser Spring Lectures.

The theme of this year is: A Human View of the Oddities of Reality

The Kaiser Spring Lectures are completely organised by students of our association. As a member of the Spring Lectures Committee you get the chance to improve your organisational skills through setting up such a large event: from arranging the presenters, to promoting the event and organising the catering. Together with your committee members you will make sure all four lectures become a big success!

Contact the board to become a member of the Spring Lectures Committee and organise next years Spring Lectures series!


From left to right:

Dave Kroos (Assessor Speakers)
Ethan Woest (Quaestor)
Sam Beckers (Assessor Promo & IT)
Benthe Sturre (Ab Actis & Logistics)
Inge van Schagen  (Praeses)