Student Wellbeing

Confidential Persons of De Leidsche Flesch

Do you have a personal problem, bad experience, or complaint which you can’t just share with anyone? These people are there for you. They will always listen to you or refer you to the right people to help you. Everything you tell them is confidential, so nothing will be shared with others without your consent.

Confidential Persons consists of the following members: Gabriel Bisti, Loes de Vette, Martje Slob and Nikos Lamens and you can reach them via

You can find more information here: Confidential Persons – De Leidsche Flesch

Observatory Allies

If you have been made to feel unwelcome or unsafe in the Observatory (or by any person affiliated with the Observatory), please contact a member of the peer support team (‘Observatory Allies’) to discuss your situation. The current Observatory Allies are Bernhard Brandl, Huib Jan van Langevelde, Yamila Miguel, Arianne Pen-Oosthoek, Pedro Russo, Frans Snik and Xander Tielens. They will handle the situation with the guarantee of anonymity and will be able to provide help on how to communicate to the university or HR (if needed). If you are uncertain how to proceed after an altercation, the Observatory Allies can also answer your questions.

You can find more information here: STRW local: Confidentiality persons