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This is the website of the study association L.A.D. 'F. Kaiser' of astronomy students in Leiden

Star Wars Night 2.0 – 03/14

It is a period of relaxation. Science students seeking rest amidst their busy schedules will see that THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK once again during an evening of bonding over a mutual taking to space and sci-fi classics. In an establishment that is breathing grandeur and has surpassed the age of time with halls whispering tales…
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Airbus Excursion – 03/10

Another excursion, another excursion!! We’re going on another excursion!!! This time, join us for a trip behind the scenes on Friday, March 10th from 15:00 to the facilities of Europe’s largest aeronautics and space technology company! At Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, they have state-of-the-art facilities to design, assemble, test and deliver their technologies like…
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Birthday Cakes – 03/01

Haaappy Birthday too you, happy birthday to youuu, happy birthday, dear… us! Actually! Our Dies is coming up and there will be cake! A lot of it! Need I say more? Yes: Save the day (Wednesday, March 1st) and save the date (10:30-11:30) and come to the Huygens Cantine where we’ll celebrate and toast and…
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ESA Excursion – 02/17

First Lustrum Activity!! Join us for a trip behind the scenes to the facilities of the European Space Agency and learn about what people at ESTEC are working on on Friday, February 17th! We will meet at the entrance to ESA (Keplerlaan 1, Noordwijk) at 12:45  and the program of the tour will last until…
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VO-S Stargazing – 02/11

Isn’t it blissful and nice, the days are getting longer and longer! Sadly this comes also with the nights becoming rapidly shorter and observing becoming more and more difficult… But fear not! We will have another observing night on Saturday, February 11th from 19:00, together with the VO-S – the alumni association of the Observatory!…
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Star Wars Night – 02/06

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. It is a period of celebration.Science students, seeking restafter the hardships of exams, will see A NEW HOPE on the horizon in honour of 100 years of DLF. During an evening of bonding over a mutual taking to space and sci-fi classics in combination with…
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Astro Pubquiz – 01/25

We’re organizing an Astro Pubquiz together with the Leidsche Flesch!! Join us on January 25th at 7pm at the FooBar for a stellar astronomy-themed pub quiz! Whether you’re a cosmic novice or a galaxy guru, there’s something for everyone at this out-of-this-world event. We’ll not only have amazing questions and snacks from the FrietCie, but…
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New Years Borrel – 01/13

After a bit of a Christmas break we are back with the first Kaiser activity of 2023 to celebrate the start of the new year with a borrel at Cafe de Keyzer! We are organizing our New Years Borrel on January 13th from 20:30 together with the social committee of the STRW, so this will…
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XMas Cookies – 12/02

Christmas is approaching fast and they say anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy so mark your calendars on December 2nd from 18.00 because we will bake christmas cookies together at the Foobar to kick off the festive season! This activity is open to all members of de Leidsche Flesch! Sign Up Now

Mentor Lunch – 11/26

We’ve all had to deal with the most dreaded question at family gatherings or in other, sometimes random, situations: ‘So and what are your plans after graduating…?’ If you’re still struggling with finding an answer, or if you know the answer already but can still do with some great life advice, come to our mentor…
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