Scavenger hunt 17 June

Scavenger hunt 17 June

Knock knock🚪

Who’s there❔

It’s time⏰

It’s time who❔

It’s time to put on your thinking caps🧢, bring out your magnifying glasses🔎 and put your detective skills🕵🏻 to the test in Kaiser’s Scavenger Hunt. Solve puzzling questions, decipher challenging clues and explore the Old Observatory, all whilst racing against the time in this fun event to end the academic year. We also have prizes in store for the winning team who solves the hunt the quickest. The stage will be set at the Old Observatory on the 17th of June, from 7 PM.
If you already have curious mates to go together on this stellar trail, you can register together; otherwise, we will match you with other inquisitive souls. See you all there!

Kaiser Observing Committee

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