This is the website of the study association L.A.D. 'F. Kaiser' of astronomy students in Leiden

Observing night April 29,30 or May 1

Attention all passengers! This is the final call for the last Spring flight✈. Our destination will be the Observing Night on the 29th Apr, 30th Apr or 1st May (depending on the mood of the weather gods). You can book your seat in the plane by signing up via the link below. As usual, we will…
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Kaiser Symposium 8th of May

Astronomy talks for Kaiser members, by Kaiser members! On Wednesday the 8th of May in the Old observatory in Leiden from 20:30, Nikki Geesink will give a Symposium on gas in galaxies, and Rahul Priyadarshan will give a Symposium on using deep learning for astronomy research. Interested? Sign up now! Sign up now

Lasergaming April 17th

Pew pew pew! On Wednesday the 17th of April, we held a lasergaming night in Leiden, as a part of the DLF Dies activities. Some teams proved to be stronger than others, but each one of them fought valiantly and with honor.

Kaiser Symposium 8th April

Astronomy talks for Kaiser members, by Kaiser members! On Monday the 8th of April in the Old observatory, Nelleke Theijssen gave a Symposium on protostars, and Rick Dullaart gave a Symposium on direct imaging of exoplanets. 

Board Interest borrel April 3rd

On the 3rd of April, we held our Board interest borrel! We gave a presentation on how it’s like being board, followed by drinks in the Foobar!

GOTG volume 2 Movie night April 4th

I am groot! On Thursday the 4th of April, we had our second Guardians of the Galaxy movienight in the Koch building. A fun night with pizza’s, snacks and good vibes. 

Observing night March 18th

On monday the 18th of March, our observing committee organised an observing night in the Old Observatory! There were pizzas, and observations of the Moon, star clusters & more!

Kaiser Symposium 12 March

On Tuesday the 12th of March, Wout Goesaert gave a Symposium on what happens if a black hole passes through the Earth! A fascinating lecture, made even better by Wout’s amazing presentation skills. The Symposium was followed by a very interactive round of questions from the audience. A great night!

ESA excursion 8th & 28th of March

On the 8th and 28th of March, we had excursions to ESA’s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk! We were shown around the various different labs and testing stations. A great way to see behind the scenes of one of the world’s biggest space organisations!

Dies Natalis 6 March

On the 6th of March, we as Kaiser celebrated our Dies (birthday)! In the morning we had cake in the Huygens canteen, where students and professors could talk about Kaiser. In the evening we had a great borrel in the Foobar, with Kaiser members, board members from our sister organisation Sirius A all the way…
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