Current Events

Astro Borrel - 09/14

As an astronomy student, you have the privilege to look at pretty pictures of galaxies, stars, and planets as part of your research and coursework. But you don’t necessarily need to study astronomy to love the aesthetics of the night sky!

Put on your shiniest space-themed outfit and enjoy an evening all in the name of stars during our Astro Borrel in the Foobar: on Wednesday, September 14th starting at 20:00.

Observing Night - 09/28

Renown physicists and astronomers such as Hertzsprung, Oort, and Einstein have already peeked through the telescopes at the Old Observatory to look at the night sky. Join our Observing Night on September 28th to get a chance to follow in their footsteps and observe the stars above Leiden through the Observatory’s historic telescopes too.